18th century novel Discussion, English homework help – writinghub.net

18th century novel Discussion, English homework help – writinghub.net

Discuss your opinion about the questions in minimum about 350 words for each part. This is not an essay. It is an English course Discussion assignment based on readers knowledge so you don’t need to worry about format or essay structure. You can use other sources than the two provided below but only to get information. Coverage and citation are not needed. Just make sure you proofread and edit comprehensively since this is an English course assignment and it needs to be free of grammatical errors.


What did you think of the ending of Pamela? Does the ending illustrate Rymer’s definition of poetic justice? Does the ending compromise the supposed realism of the work? Did the ending affect your understand of the earlier parts of the novel? Please weigh in!


In lecture I quoted letters from a couple of actual 18th-century female readers of Richardson’s novel. Elizabeth Postlethwaite described how she wetted the pages of the novel with her tears: “I wept sorely, nothing can be more moving I think.” Another female fan of
Pamela wrote a letter to her friend in which she declared herself “in love with
Pamela. I never read anything pleas’d me better” (qtd. in Keymer and Sabor 145-6). Why do you think Pamela was so popular with readers? And why did it also attract such criticism from anti-Pamelists? Do you agree more with the fans or the detractors?


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