2 6 reflection journal diversity management issue – writinghub.net

2 6 reflection journal diversity management issue – writinghub.net

In this journal activity, address the following items in your response:

  1. Review the information from reading and resource and carry out your own research on the topic of Diversity Management. You are encouraged to carry out your research via the Web.
  2. Reflect upon and provide a brief summary of a personal diversity management issue you may have experienced in your lifetime in relation to ethical treatment in the workplace. Alternatives to a personal experience could also be in the form of a large corporate franchise you have read or seen in media or a small business in a community you have observed.
  3. State, in your own words, the management style used within this environment. Then, looking at the situation objectively, how did the management style affect the organization? Explain how this situation impacted the morale of the organization.
  4. Take this activity a step further and research an ethics-related management issue within the aviation industry. Briefly express the occurrence and state a best practice in which management took in the situation. If you feel as though there was not a best practice taken further your research and identify a best practice which should have been taken and include in your suggestion your response.


Read the following resources from the Web to increase your understanding of cultural diversity within the aviation industry.

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