3 Page Paper Needed ASAP – writinghub.net

3 Page Paper Needed ASAP – writinghub.net

I have a paper for an African American studies class and would like to use your services for this paper. It is not due until May 1st so I just wanted to email the info needed for the paper. It is an assignment on the book Radio Free Dixie, and has to be 3-4 pages with no cites page necessary. 

Timothy Tyson, the author of Radio Free Dixie, has criticized the way most historians and the public discuss the civil rights movement, writing, “The self-congratulatory popular account insists that Dr. King called on the nation to fully accept its own creed, and the walls came a-tumbling down. This conventional narrative is soothing, moving, and politically acceptable, and has only the disadvantage of bearing no resemblance to what actually happened.” What does he mean by this? How does the life of Robert F. Williams complicate our understanding of what happened during the civil rights era? Do you agree with Tyson’s conclusions that we should reevaluate how we discuss the civil rights movement? Why or why not? In a 3-4 page essay, respond to the above questions, paying careful attention to incorporating specific examples from Tyson’s text.

 If you use direct quotes from the book (which you are encouraged to do in moderation), avoid quotes that are longer than 2-3 lines long, and write the document title in parentheses at the end of the sentence. Essays must be double spaced, use size 12 Times New Roman font, and have standard one inch margins. Use standard essay format (including a thesis, topic sentences, and introduction/conclusion). Correct grammar and syntax is expected, and obvious or erroneous grammatical errors may result in a deduction of points. Late assignments will be penalized 10 percentage points per day they are late. Please bring a printed copy to class on May 1, and submit an electronic copy to Blackboard via SafeAssign.

Above is the excerpt from my professor, listing what is necessary for the assignment. 

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