4 Part Annotated Bibliography Project, history homework help – writinghub.net

4 Part Annotated Bibliography Project, history homework help – writinghub.net

There are 4 parts to this Project

6.06 Choosing a research paper – See Attached

Your Assignment

You will choose an event or action in U.S. history between 1865 and 1930 that you believe was a turning point. Your project will describe the event or action and explain why it is a turning point. What happened because of it? In what new direction did the nation or the world move as a result of it? Did people at the time realize that a turning point had been reached, or did it take time to assess the impact of the event or action?

6.08 The Annotated Bibliography – See Attached

An annotated bibliography contains all the sources that provided information for your research project. It differs from a regular bibliography in that each entry includes a brief explanation about how the source was used, how it helped you understand your topic, and whether it is a primary or secondary resource. In this assignment, you will supply three of your sources with annotation. Submit this assignment for a grade by the end of the Discuss: My Research Project lesson.

6.12 – Your Final Project –

Presentation Formats Choices – Choose 1

  1. Paper—A research paper presents the topic information to the reader in a clear and interesting fashion. It includes an annotated bibliography and footnotes.
  2. Documentary—A documentary is factually accurate and based on an actual event. It is a media-based presentation using slides, films, videos, or a computer.
  3. Exhibit—An exhibit is a display of visual and written information about a topic. Its design should be balanced between visual interest and historical accuracy.

6.10 – The Process Paper – See Attached

Write a process paper that explains your efforts during the project. Your paper should be 300–500 words.

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