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a question 6 – writinghub.net

My class discussion question needs to be answer with at least 200 words with example. I would like for it to be in your own words. If not please cite in text with reference, No plagiarism please. Doesn’t need a title page.

Class: SOP, “A standard operating procedure is created by each business. It involves step-by-step instructions for each job (Johnson). Every business will have standard operating procedures for each one of their tasks that need completed.”

Class:: Provde the details of an SOP in your organisation or one you have researched that is or should be under the administration of the human resource department.

Why does the SOP exist?

Who adheres to the SOP in the organisation?

How does the HR department or line managers enforce the SOP?

How often is the SOP under review to ensure it adheres to compliances and supports the organisation’s business at any capacity?

Comments, thoughts, ideas anyone?

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