activated ignorance v activated knowledge –

activated ignorance v activated knowledge –

Using the concepts learned through the readings and lecture pages, write a critical analysis essay that answers at least three of the following prompts or questions:

  1. How might you employ critical thinking as a tool to further your career aspirations? (I have attached a copy of my introduction post to the class which talks about my background. It should help with answering this question).
  2. Describe the differences between inert information, assumptions, and inferences. Describe an assumption that you have made in the past that had important consequence.
  3. Where do you see yourself using activated ignorance to think about issues? What steps could you take to move towards activated knowledge on this issue?
  4. What is the difference between activated ignorance and activated knowledge? Where do you have difficulties “thinking for yourself”? Why does critical thinking demand high levels of intellectual autonomy?
  5. Why are concepts, theories, and ideas central to good critical reasoning?


  • Cite all claims and ideas using scholarly sources. While it is acceptable to write in the first person, be sure to cite your sources to support your inferences. To understand how to construct your thoughts you can view these short clips on informal and formal writing.
    • Peter Elbow: On Writing (see attached)
    • Writing for Life: page 17
    • Writing Across the Curriculum: Forgetting formality: page 14
    • Writing Across the Curriculum Revising for Formality: page 15
  • Include at least three scholarly sources that are not part of the required or recommended reading for this course.
  • Your paper should be four to five pages in length and formatted according to the APA guidelines.
  • Papers should be double-spaced, 12-point font Times New Roman.
  • Include the following in your essay: a brief introduction, a conclusion, and a reference page formatted according to the APA requirements.

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