African American Slavery, Two Research papers – HIST-125 help –


i would like some help for weekly 7 paper which is a preparation for a major paper which is Paper Module 2. So basically the two papers are linked to each other. I just want someone to do both papers. Weekly 7 Paper is due tomorrow Wedenesday Before 10:00pm Washington dc timing.

Instruction for Weekly 7 paper: For this paper, you should start working on module paper #2 by choosing your:

– Research question: What question do you want to answer in your paper?

– Evidence: Which slave advertisements (at least 2) and images (at least 2) will you use in your paper? List all four (or more) sources you plan on using, providing their unique URLs and a brief description of their main contents (What aspect of each source is most significant for your paper?)

The paper does NOT need to be written in paragraph style. You may simply list your research question, evidence, and brief descriptions or comments about each piece of evidence. (For more on how to write a good research question, look again at: chssweb/documents/16115/ original/HowtoWriteaResearchQuestion. pdf?1476377595 )

Instructions for Paper 2 (Major Paper):- (the file will be attached with the name of Paper 2)

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