AHIMA Career Map Assignment


Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) Specialist are a growing trend in today’s healthcare. We see many programs being utilized in hospitals and other healthcare facilities to improve documentation and reimbursement. These jobs require special skills and knowledge. Let’s explore this quality function and the impact of external forces.

Part 1
Locate the CDI Specialist Job on the AHIMA Career Map and answer the following questions in Part 1 in the worksheet provided below.

Part 2
Conduct a job search for a CDI Specialist position. You can utilize your CSA, AHIMA job banks or run a search on job search engines or enter “CDI Specialist” or “Clinical Documentation Improvement Jobs” on your Internet browser and see what you find. You might also locate the CDI association and check their job bank. Also, look at the job banks at your local hospitals to see if they have any CDI positions open.

Once you locate a job opening, review the job posting and take a look at the position requirements. What skill sets are needed for this position? Select a job that you can relate to and can be addressed by a Health Information Management Professional. Copy the job duties into Part 2 in the worksheet provided below and then relate what skills and knowledge you would need to complete the job duties listed.