annotated bibliography of tv show westworld –

annotated bibliography of tv show westworld –

This assignment will help you to start your research on the television show you’ve chosen – Westworld (Season 1). For this assignment you should search for and identify sources that will help you expand your understanding of Westworld, its genre, or television in general. Usually a combination of sources works best to begin a research project.

1.Use only high quality, credible sources. Wikipedia and IMDB are crowd-sourced therefore not high quality. They lack credibility as scholarly sources because there is little editorial oversight.

2.Find a minimum of ten sources that you will consult as you develop your critique of your television show. Your sources should be scholarly–from scholarly journals, authoritative books or studies, dissertations, etc.

3.List the sources in MLA and develop a short paragraph annotating their contents. The paragraph should include a brief summary of the contents of the source (4 sentences) and a brief statements about how you think your source will be helpful (2 sentences).

4.You might locate examples of annotated bibliographies online or check the example annotated bibliography entry in file.

5. You will be graded on the completeness of your assignment (i.e. how closely it meets the criteria of the assignment), the quality of your sources, and the clarity of your annotations.

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