answer the following questions 290 –

answer the following questions 290 –

Report1 :

Upon completion of Residency Day 3- Students will answer the following questions. Responses are due by Midnight of Day 3 of the residency.

1. Can non-Christians adhere to a Christian Ethical perspective?

2. Are you familiar with any of the ethical teachings of Jesus Christ? Explain how this could apply in a business environment.

3. How valuable do you think work is to an individual?

4. Do you welcome accountability (examining your work efforts) in your work?

5. Discuss the advantages of bringing a cooperative spirit to the workplace

6. What is your opinion of the Protestant Work Ethic?

Answer above 6 questions (report 1) each question 4 lines.

Report 2:…………

Prepare a business ethics policy for your corporation. It can be geared for a large, mid-size, or small business. It needs to include:

A bit of history of ethics (2- 3 paragraphs)

Penalties and enforcement protocol

What department will be responsible for enforcement

What is the plan for training?

Answer above all questions (report 2) in 2 to 3 pages.

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