assessment notebook only 1 4 and 5 –

Your notebook should thoroughly cover the following five areas:

  1. Research the theories of cognitive, humanistic, and behavioral school of thought. How are these theories different/the same? Note how you will use them in your lesson plans or teaching a high school math class.
  2. Note learning objectives and connections to related standards.
  • Students need to solve Intermediate equations while helping each other’s in a meaningful and constructive way
  • Students should have the ability to identify and solve intermediate equations in a clear and easy way
  • Students should be able to explain how they arrived at an answer by a step by step procedure
  • Re-write algebraic equations

3. Note instructional activities that connect objectives to instructional activities.

Lesson Activities

I will ensure that each group has students of different abilities

  • There will be one questions that has five parts that will require knowledge of the previous question to be able to answer the next one.
  • Each student will answer their part and pass it to the next student. During the process, other students will need to help the student. A student will be allowed to ask the other group members for help in ideas and concepts (Hot Potato strategy). They will then be required to explain how they were able to solve them while identifying the concepts and vocabularies of their part
  • For English language learners (ELL), each group shall ensure that they help the students adequately. The ELL students will have to ask questions where they do not understand in the group and also on the question.
  • The Students with special needs will be assigned the simple part of the question and they will be encouraged to use technological devices that will help them understand the question well. Other group members should help them where they do not understand.
  • The Students with gifted abilities will solve the areas that help exploit their abilities. They will also be encouraged to use their abilities to help other group members understand the question better.
  • The Early finisher students, will be the ones to explain the different vocabularies to the ELL students. They will also be responsible for presenting their work to the class and explain each of the concept they were able to solve.
  • The final part of the lesson will need each student to write down what they were able to learn in the lesson, what they did not understand, and rate the lesson.

4.Comment on applicable assessments and data-driven decisions 5.Note opportunities to include diversity and learner strengths and needs.

Your notebook should include a cover page and a reference page. Your notebook is more than a collection of the experiences and assignments from this course. It should include a 150-250-word narrative in every area that puts what you learned into context. How will you use what you have learned in each area to improve your instruction?

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide.=

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