Final Project

For your Final Project, you are asked to provide a task analysis (a step-by-step breakdown of a behavior) for a specific task (e.g., shoe tying, brushing teeth, buying groceries, doing laundry, etc.). Make sure to provide:

1.  A clear step-by-step breakdown of the behaviors that make up this task including any antecedent stimuli or cues, materials needed, setting or environmental stimuli, etc.

2.  Select a specific step from your task analysis list, and describe the target outcome behavior in observable and measurable terms.

3.  Identify how each measurable dimension of behavior might apply to your target outcome behavior (rate, duration, latency, inter-response time), and select a method to record this behavior.

4.  With your target behavior in mind, discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using continuous versus sampling techniques (e.g., partial and whole-interval recording, momentary time sampling).

5.  Select an appropriate schedule of observation and recording, given your specific target behavior and the logistics of observing and recording.

6. Discuss in detail how you would assess what step a client is on within your task list. How would you assess mastery of skills in the behavior chain? What methods of functional behavior assessment would you use here and why? Provide a clear justification and explanation for your selection.

7.  Discuss at least three different methods of charting and graphing that you would consider using to present the results of your intervention (e.g., bar chart, line graph, celeration chart, cumulative graph, etc.).

8.  Select and create a data display that effectively presents your mock data visually, including at least one chart or graph. Provide a clear argument as to how your chosen method of charting and/or graphing your data demonstrates parsimony.

9. Discuss how you would interpret the results, and what recommendation you would make regarding the client’s progress.

Be sure to type your paper in a MS Word document, proofread your file for spelling and grammar, double-space your work using Times New Roman 12 point font, and submit it to the Dropbox area. Minimum length requirements for this paper: 6-8 typed pages (not including the title or reference pages).

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