Black Lives Matter: A Commentary on Racism and Public Health, English homework help –

Black Lives Matter: A Commentary on Racism and Public Health
.(English) ; Abstract available. By: Jee-Lyn García J; Sharif MZ, American Journal Of 
Public Health [Am J 
Public Health], ISSN: 1541-0048, 2015 Aug; Vol. 105 (8), pp. e27-30; Publisher: American 
Public Health Association; PMID: 26066958, Database: MEDLINE with Full Text

Subjects: United States; African Americans legislation & jurisprudence; Public Health legislation & jurisprudence; Racismlegislation & jurispruden

Need 5 pages  not include title or reference page

only have 18 dollars

 Commentary rough draft  This week’s draft should include the following.

  • An introduction that catches reader’s attention, provides an overview of the topic, and presents a new or unique angle on a current event
  • A thesis that transitions from the introduction to the body and clearly provides the writer’s position on the topic; the thesis should be debatable, meaning others may disagree or have a different perspective
  • Discussion of background and other perspectives within the larger conversation, represented through integration of research
  • Body paragraphs that explain, support, and answer the promise of the thesis statement
  • Effective use of author tags, direct quotes, summary, and paraphrases
  • Proper APA style for in-text citation and an end References page

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