8 read the given chapters and write 2pages critical thinking – writinghub.net

Read the given chapters and write 2pages critical thinking

All the work must be original

Tunritin report is required

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write one page about politics – writinghub.net

The paper on the Constitution is a one-page paper. Here is an outline to follow:

  1. What I believe is the most important part of the Constitution.
  2. One part, just a phrase or idea, not a full section
  3. State why you believe it is important
  4. Give some examples that support your idea, either from your News Items or from an article, and use the text
  5. Give a concluding statement that summarizes what you mean, but do not repeat the first paragraph.
  6. The paper is one-page only. It is not to be a page and a half, nor is it two-thirds of a page.

What you SHOULD DO:

  • Pick one part of the Constitution. Several students like to use the First Amendment, but you are not limited to this section. Ok, the First Amendment has five parts to it. Pick one of the five parts.
  • For example, if you pick freedom of speech, then discuss its importance, and find an article that supports your idea. DO NOT WRITE that it means you can say whatever you want to say. Instead, use an example that shows, in a real-life example, what you mean by free speech.
  • The best examples come from your life, if you have them.


  • Do not repeat the entire First Amendment in your paper. If we want to know what it says, we can read it in the text (The Constitution is in the back of the text).
  • DO NOT pick more than one idea. If you pick the Second Amendment, then only use one part. In addition, if you pick the Preamble, then only one phrase, such as “We the people.” Notice that I used only the first three words there. You could also pick another phrase, such as “a more perfect union.”
  • DO NOT write, “The Bill of Rights is the most important.” Pick one part of one of the amendments.
  • Refrain from constitutional Web sites unless in the Webliography, but use your text instead to understand the Constitution.

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Free will, Philosophy assignment help – writinghub.net

(This will be a 4-5 page paper, typed and double-spaced. No other particular format is necessary. (Worth 80 points.)

Since we have been talking about the Free Will theories, I want you to watch either a TV show, movie, documentary or read something that has to do with the topic of the Free Will theories.

Discuss how the characters in the TV show, movie, etc. displayed the Free Will theories? Were the characters acting from a theory of free will, fate, determinism (hard or soft) or predestination? Or even a combination of the theories? How were these theories played out in the characters and the scenario of the show, movie or book?

Note that a character may be operating out of more than one of the theories, depending on the circumstances.

So, briefly outline the plot of the show, movie or book and then relate the characters actions, decisions, etc. to any or all of the theories.

Get it? Have fun with this assignment.

Do me one favor, please do not write about any of the numerous “Final Destination” movies. I have read too many of these papers regarding this particular topic.

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finance fund prospectus – writinghub.net

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There is too many part on this project i need only one part which is Fund Prospectus

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critical analysis portfolio and presentation proposal diversity – writinghub.net

Overview: For the first part of your final project, the critical analysis portfolio, you will select an issue or event in diversity and critically analyze it through the four general education lenses: history, humanities, natural and applied sciences, and social sciences. By viewing the issue/event through these lenses, you will gain insight into how the intersectional nature of diversity affects society, as well as both your own individual framework of perception and the choices, attitudes, and behaviors of others in the world around you.

For this first milestone, due in Module Two, you will select an issue/event to analyze through the four general education lenses.

You will explain the issue/event and its relationship to diversity, as well as describe its connection to all four lenses.

Prompt: First, review the module resources you have so far encountered, as well as your work in Module One. In addition, it is suggested that you visit the IDS 400 LibGuide for guidance on how to select a topic. Select one issue/event in diversity and write a paper that addresses how this issue/event fits into the framework of diversity, and then addresses how each lens influences perceptions and attitudes toward the issue/event, diversity, and society. The paper should outline each lens’s impact and framing of the issue/event. Be sure to provide a working thesis statement and clear definitions for your key terms. Specifically, you must address the critical elements listed below.

I. Introduction: You will compile a series of critical analyses of a single issue/event in diversity through the four general education lenses: history, humanities, natural and applied sciences, and social sciences.

A. Topic: Using the four lenses, explain how an issue/event within diversity has or has not influenced modern society. II.

Lens Connections

: In this section of your assignment, you will describe the connections between your issue/event and each of the four general education lenses.

A. What is the connection of your issue/event to the lens of history for determining its impact on various institutions? Utilize evidence from theory and research to support your analysis.

B. What is the connection of your issue/event to the lens of the humanities for determining its impact on various institutions? Utilize evidence from theory and research to support your analysis.

C. What is the connection of your issue/event to the lens of the natural sciences for determining its impact on various institutions? Utilize evidence from theory and research to support your analysis.

D. What is the connection of your issue/event to the lens of the social sciences for determining its impact on various institutions? Utilize evidence from theory and research to support your analysis. Be sure to use evidence from research to support your responses.

Rubric Guidelines for Submission: Milestone One should be submitted as a 2- to 3-page Word document. Use double-spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, and one-inch margins. Begin building your references list for Final Project Part One by supporting your responses with at least two sources for each lens from the assigned course resources or other scholarly sources located independently via the Shapiro Library. Cite your supporting sources in APA style.

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please answer accordingly and use each terminology in a sentence – writinghub.net

please answer the following nursing terminology , defining them and using them to form the appropriate sentences sentences

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expository essay 23 – writinghub.net

kindly look at the attachment file you will see the readings: PIRACY GAVE ME A FUTURE.

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Cultural Autobiography – writinghub.net

Assignment 2: LASA 1: Cultural Autobiography

The purpose of this assignment is to illustrate recognition of your own cultural background and how your worldview has been shaped by your family, role models and life experiences. This autobiography will help you express an appreciation for your own cultural identity and discover potential areas of development.

Begin by defining individuals that you consider family members. This includes, for example, parents or guardians, siblings and/or grandparents. Important information about these individuals includes places of birth, travel (if any), age, spiritual/religious beliefs, occupation, educational history, ethnicity, birth order, etc. In this description include the cultural heritage each individual and summarize the belief system of your family in general, including specific family values, religious and cultural practices, ceremonies, beliefs, and holiday celebrations. If possible, interview these individuals in an effort to gain new insight into your cultural heritage.

Next critically evaluate experiences in which you feel have had significant relevance in your multicultural development. Include both positive and negative experiences if applicable.

After taking a look at these influencing factors, critically examine and discuss who you are as a cultural being, including your racial identity. Think about your own development, functioning, values, behaviors and worldview and how you feel your family history, chosen role models, and experiences have shaped you. Describe how your life would be different had these cultural influences not been there. Be sure to include a description of interpersonal expectations for yourself and lifestyle choices. Finally, having taken a close look at your cultural autobiography, include potential biases which may influence how you interact with others. This could include, for example, favoring individuals of your own heritage or unconscious biases towards a certain cultural group.

Be sure to address each topic listed above and, as appropriate, cite the online course, the textbook, and other credible sources to substantiate the points you are making. For example, when discussing your racial identity please cite sources which you have referenced to better understand what this term means or use the text or lecture to substantiate points you are making about how gender has influenced your cultural development.

This paper should be approximately 4-6 pages and is due on Wednesday, April 6, 2016.

Assignment 2 Grading Criteria

Maximum Points

Analyzed and defined the cultural and ethnic background of family members and/or role models from personal life.


Defined cultural customs, rituals, or religious practices important to shaping personal life.


Critically evaluates experiences of significant relevance in personal multicultural development.


Critically examines and discusses personal cultural being including development, functioning, values, behaviors and worldview. Discusses how family history, chosen role models, and experiences contributed.


Discusses personal racial identity.


Discusses how life may have been different without cultural influences.


Describes interpersonal expectations for lifestyle choices.


Properly cites two or more eternal scholarly references.


Style (4 points): Tone, audience, and word choice
(12 points): Introduction, transitions, and conclusion
Usage and Mechanics
(12 points): Grammar, spelling, and sentence structure
APA Elements
(16 points): In text citations and references, paraphrasing, and appropriate use of quotations and other elements of style




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can you write a letter to quot time magazine quot choosing george herbert walker bush or mikahel gorbachaiv – writinghub.net

Write a letter to Time Magazine and nominate one of the two people in the screenshots provided. Please do research on the people selected or who you choose to select and write something about why you think they should be elected in this sense. It is important to keep it clean and make the letter formal. Please note this is not an actual letter being sent, it’s an assignment I can’t get to right now.

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