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Collaborative Exercises

Many myths carry sacred objects associated with them. These range from the sword that King Arthur pulled from the stone to the cross on which Christ was crucified. The people who tell and retell these myths often carry representations of these myths with them as relics.

Do any of you carry or wear relics that would indicate your personal mythologies? These might be shared myths, such as the sacred stories of a religion, or they might be more private. If you do, how did these items become important? How do you treat them differently than secular objects? How do they fit in your personal mythology?

Also complete the following as a team and include in the final assignment:

  • Discuss any concept that a team member is having a difficult time understanding.
  • Examine the importance and applicability of this week’s concepts to each team member and to society in general.

The completed Week 5 Collaborative Exercise should include all of the above and should be posted as either a new threaded message or as a Word Document.

The finalized Week 5 Collaborative Exercise should be posted here in the Collaborative Exercise in a new thread with a subject line that reads “Final Week 5 Activity”