comparing the contents of two folders in different paths in Matlab


I have a system that generate two tgz files and store one in a folder SOSO and ADA respectively.

I want to compare the contents of the two tgz files. They have a file which takes the path of SOSO and ADA respectively, which will show that this file in both tgz files are different.

I wish to compare files in the tgz such that the file that takes the paths of SOSO and ADA should take a common path for SOSO and ADA and when the files are compared, it should show that the files are the same.


To create a new path where the tgz files generated from the paths SOSO and ADA, should be sent  to a new path, myPath. The files are the compared from the path myPath.

I don’t know if this will work. I have attached here a code I started writing for this assignment

Here is the path to the code: …MATLABMATESOldAutotestersColumnsOfStructscompare2MATES