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Applying Single Subject Design

Describe a client you have worked with or a hypothetical client you anticipate working with at your ideal internship. Create a single-case design plan for how you would evaluate your social work practice.

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Single-Subject Designs


Single-subject designs are “time-series designs in which an intervention (active independent variable) is given to very few participants—4 or fewer—not necessarily to only a single subject” (Gliner, Morgan, & Harmon, 2000, p. 1327). This approach is used to track changes of a single client system over time through repeated measurements. For instance, if you are helping a client who has panic attacks, you may start tracking panic attacks before the intervention begins until after the intervention has been completed. You can monitor to see if panic attacks (the dependent variable) have decreased over time. The most basic single-subject design is the ABA design, whereby A is the baseline, B is the intervention, and A is the follow-up (or when the intervention is stopped). Single-subject designs lack external validity, but this design can be a practical means of evaluating social work practice at the case level.


Gliner, J. A., Morgan, G. A., & Harmon, R. J. (2000). Single-subject designs. Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, 39(10), 1327–1330.

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