complete research journal 14 ap self reflexion composition –

complete research journal 14 ap self reflexion composition –

As you’ve just finished your first major composition for the quarter, I’d like you to spend some time reflecting on the work you’ve done. As we’ve discuss throughout the HCP research stage, the HCP forms the foundation for your AP. Before we jump into the next assignment, now is a great time to reflect on the skills and insights you’ve gained regarding the composition process so that you can become more aware of them and potentially engage them in your next assignment.

Additionally, this piece of writing can become useful for your ePortfolio Reflexive Introduction – an assignment you will be working on at the end of the quarter. Just like the process assignments for your HCP and AP, starting this type of reflexive writing early, and earnestly, will help you prepare for your final composition of the quarter well ahead of time.


In at least 750 words, engage the following questions. Feel free to format your composition in bullet form, but make sure your responses are in complete sentences and provide explanatory detail.

1. What are some of the strongest/weakest portions of your essay? What makes them strong/weak? Ability to condense and analyze scholarly debates? Your own analysis of evidence? Rhetorical strategies?

2. What part(s) of the essay did you work the hardest on? If this doesn’t correspond to your strongest portion(s), what did you learn about your own writing process while composing and revising this section?

3. Throughout the past weeks you’ve completed numerous “process” assignments in addition to your AP Prospectus and Drafts. Which of these assignments was the most helpful? How was it helpful in your drafting and/or revision process?

4. Given all these process assignments, what is your favorite method of pre-writing (e.g. outlining, concept-mapping, keyword development, source analysis & evaluation, etc.). Why? Is this the same method of pre-writing you discussed in your RJ#1 – Reflexive Self Assessment? If not, how did these assignments help you look at the process of composition differently? How has this changed since researching your HCP?

5. A major component of your HCP is multi-modal composition – not only integrating and analyzing images, infographics, charts, etc., but also thinking about your composition in spatial and visual terms beyond the paragraph/prose form bound by linguistic means of argumentation. How did these new composition techniques help shape and guide your written arguments? How has this changed since researching your HCP?

6. Writing, as you may have learned, is a timely, and deeply personal, process with varying degrees of psychological and pragmatic pressure. How much time did you dedicate to the writing process (hours/week)? How early did you start? Did you find the amount of time you spent on the writing phase sufficient? What barriers did you experience in carving out time for writing? What psychological barriers did you experience while writing (anxiety, distraction, confusion, frustration, etc.)? What did you do to mitigate those feelings? How has this changed since researching your HCP?

7. Did you visit the Writing Center or make an appointment with a research librarian? If so, how was your experience? Describe what you learned and how you applied it in your work.

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