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Discussion Topic:

You have decided to form a new venture selling t-shirts. While you are drafting your business plan, you realize you need to spend some time explicitly planning the goals and activities of your new company. The first thing you must decide is what kind of t-shirts you want to sell, to whom you will sell them, and how you will get them to your customer. You will then use your decisions to set some goals for your new company. Remember, the three levels of planning should link to each other such that you can trace the mission of the organization through the three levels of goals. Planning at a holistic level ensures that everyone in the company – from the CEO’s office to the front lines – is working toward the same overall objective. Once you have decided on these aspects, post the following to the discussion board:

  • What is the mission statement for your t-shirt company?
  • Based on your mission statement, note at least one strategic goal for your new company.
  • Based on your strategic goal, note at least one tactical goal for your new company.
  • Based on your tactical goal, note at least one operational goal for your new company.


Discussion Overview

Using the Social Readjustment Rating Scale (SRRS), more commonly known as the Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale, helps to gauge the amount of stress and change in your life in different time periods.

Begin by selecting the link to go to the MindTools® site:

Instructions: Fill out the columns, using the instructions below:

    1. Read about the Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale (Social Readjustment Rating Scale).
    2. Look at the life events listed.
    3. Check the box next to the life event that has occurred in your life within the past year.
    4. Note your total score (calculated automatically) and compare it to the “Score Interpretation” chart.

Now take the quiz:

How Well Do I Save Time? Do I Throw Time Away?

Begin by completing both the Social Readjustment Rating Scale activity and the Time Management Quiz (I*CANS, [n.d.]).

Your answers to the checklist items below should be posted as one response. It is helpful to do this in a Microsoft Word document to ensure that your answer includes all three components. Be sure to copy and paste the text answers to these questions to the Discussion Board. (Do not attach documents to the Discussion Board.)

Discussion Checklist:

1. Complete the Social Readjustment Rating Scale activity and take the Time Management Quiz.

2. Discuss your results from what you learned from the Social Readjustment Rating Scale activity and the Time Management Quiz. Include a discussion of areas where you might be able to use at least two of the time-management tips from the Reading.

3. Explain why you feel that it is important to be aware of the connection between time and stress management and give an example of a time you experienced stress due to poor time management. What could you have done differently?


I*CANS, (n.d.). Time management assessment. Retrieved from…

MindTools. (2013). The Holmes and Rahe stress scale. Retrieved from….

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