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Development Project: A 10-page paper on a major mental health topic as related to human development. Utilizing the theories and developmental stages discussed in this course, students will prepare a project illustrating a stage or aspect of development, which you knew very little about before this course. Compare this developmental concept to a current event . For example, “The impact of bullying on girls in the adolescent stage of development/” the paper should include these

1-Purpose for choosing your topic

2-Information about your population of interest

3-Information about your population’s stage of development

4-What new discoveries you have made about this stage of development/population through this course

5-Why this topic/current event is important

6-A MINIMUM of SEVEN outside sources (counseling journals, books, or creditable websites such as the U.S. Census for statistical data)

Write in APA (6th edition) style (title page, headings, references, in-text citations, etc.). Be aware of different ways to cite (based on length of quote), but do not rely on quotations to convey ideas. Use of APA headings is particularly helpful in defining the structure of your paper.

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