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“In your response to your classmates, comment on the persuasiveness of your classmate’s speech – do not comment on whether or not you agree with the issue.  Did this student follow the Rogerian format?  Why or why not?”



This week’s forum is a little more difficult for me. I do not good with coming up for speech type ideas for argumentative topics, especially when there must be a compromise. I think if I had to come up with a speech about a national or international issue I think that it would be an informative style speech talking about relations with China, Japan and the United States military.

  Many people do not know what is going on with these countries today. Chinese people have begun shunning any American made products and they have been building up many different air fields reaching out into the pacific. The Philippines, a longtime ally of the United States has begun ceasing joint operations with America and is talking about beginning weapons trade with China and Japan vice America. There are many things that these topics can cause. As America can lose a trading partner, it will have an effect on the economy. This along with the Philippines ceasing joint operations, is a very important topic for the military of the United States. The environment of the world today leans a little towards the hostile side. Needing to ensure there are positive relations with these countries is very important!

In regards to utilizing the Rogerian method for argumentation, I do not utilize this style very much. There is very little time for compromise in my specific mission. I typically am always utilizing the Toulmin method. Though I do ensure that I know the oppositions side and their ideas, I typically do not strive for compromise. I have never done any sort of writing assignment where I have had to utilize this style either. I do not know if I will use it in the future, but I am sure that eventually there will arise an occasion where this will be needed. As my career proceeds, there will be slightly more politics involved in a lot of the decision making and I am sure that coming to compromises will be a necessity.


Immigration views have always been double sided, especially in the world today.  Although some foreign countries may feel that the United States is not the best country in the world, quite a few individuals feel that it is still the land of opportunity.  Right now, we have certain presidential candidates that think building a “wall” to keep people, more specifically a particular group of people, out of our country is the best way to tackle the overwhelming influx of immigrants coming into our country.  Because they are taking our jobs or because they are a dangerous group of people?  On one hand this may hold some truth as there have been many cases of illegal aliens causing distress to our country.  I agree that there should be higher measures in place to allow immigrants into this country the legal way.  Hiring more people for border patrol would increase the job market, help keep illegal aliens from entering the country, and provide stability for the citizens of the United States. 

On the other hand, is America not a land that is nothing much immigrants?  Every single American, minus the Lakota, the Apache, the Seminole, and other indigenous Native Americans, have come from immigrant ancestors.  According to some of the policies trying to be put in place by certain candidates, the way of life from almost every single America is being put in jeopardy.  How can it be justified to uproot entire families for the sole reason as they are not originally from this country and have worked just as hard, if not harder, than most Americans to have a better life than they used to have in the past.  I understand that there are rules and regulations put in place to keep the people of the United States safe from outside threats.  But closing the doors completely to other nations is not a solution that the people of America should follow.  Yes we are a great country, but that does not mean that we do not have room for improvement or to grow.

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