discussion question 1471 – writinghub.net

discussion question 1471 – writinghub.net

Your answer should be a minimum of 400 words, 2-3 sources, in APA format, and should meet professional standards in content and writing style. Question: VALs (Values and LifeStyles) Survey is a commonly used tool for marketers to segment their market based on Psychographic characteristics.
But how valid is the VALs categorization schema?
What is your VALs type?
How can this tool be used by companies to better segment their market? a. Click on the link to take the VALS survey presurvey.shtml as a guide the completed survey is attached

b. Answer their questions and get your VALs type. For further insight into your VALs typology, reference the VALs handout containing the descriptions of each of the VALS Psychotypes.

c. Take a screenshot of your VALS results and attach it with your reply and then address the following questions:

(1) What was your primary and secondary psycho-types according to the survey?

(2) In your opinion, were your VALS results consistent with your personality, values, attitudes, and lifestyles?

(3) Describe how you either do or do not fit the categorization VALs gave you. Explain why you think they either nailed you or missed you completely.

(4) Now consider a product you use. How can that company utilize this information to better connect with you?

Be sure to reference your product in your answer.


Answered all parts of the question correctly, referenced 2-3 sources, was free of spelling and/or grammatical errors, creative and original answer, answered all parts of the question thoroughly, met APA citation requirements (in-text citation and listed source in APA format at bottom of posting). Met the length minimum of 400 words.

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