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Answer each question in 1-4 complete sentences

10a  JJW Ch 10, Political Geography and the Environment “from the attuched pictuchers”

1.  Briefly explain how resource dependence and resource form affect political struggles.

2.  Contrast an environmental determinist and political ecology explanation for resource-related conflicts.

3.  Define bioregionalism and provide the two main arguments in support of it.

4.  Here I encourage you to provide your own response to the readings, ask questions for clarification, or pose questions that you would like to discuss in class.

10b  United Nations Convention on the Law of the Seas (UNCLOS): A historical perspective “from the pdf”

1.  What were the main geographical problems that inspired the development of the UNCLOS?

2.  Provide three examples of UNCLOS provisions that attempt to solve these problems.

3.  Define exclusive economic zone (EEZ) and explain how they are governed under the UNCLOS.

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