1. Watch the video “Promoting Cultural Diversity in the Classroom.”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oy35vmFuCk8&feature=emb_titleOnce you  have viewed the video several times choose 3 of the activities discussed in the video that promote cultural diversity.  Each example should discuss (in a minimum of 5 sentences) the following questions:*how does the activity promote diversity, culture?*how would you implement the activity in your classroom.2. When thinking of your ideal classroom decide on some materials you would like to have that would promote cultural diversity.  (dolls, art materials, books, toys, etc)*since you cannot visit a classroom you will need to do some research and find 5 items that you would choose. Pictures of these 5 items must be included with a 5 sentence write up, for each item, discussing why you chose that item and how it will help to address diversity in your classroom.-the 5 items must be completely different- in other words if you choose dolls that would be one item and you would include  a picture of a set of multicultural dolls.________________________________________________________Grading CriteriaMaximum points are given when:A list of 10 items is includedReflection questions addressed:  Appropriateness of the itemThe culture item represents and reflective of populationSummary paragraph included  of a minimum of 7 sentencesQuality recommendations and reflections are given in summary paragraphPhotos attached for at least 5 of the items


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