Earth Science


1. Define uniformitarianism , catastrophism. Then compare the two theories citing two pieces of evidence for both theories and explaining how they support theories

2. Carbon Dating is used to date organic matter from the past. Answer the following questions :

– What isotope of carbon is used in carbon dating ?

-How does this type of isotope form in the atmosphere ?

-Why does a young sample contain more of this than an older sample ?

-What machine is used to detect the amounts of the carbon isotopes ?

-Why does the sample need to be burnt before it is placed in the machine ?

3. The dinosaurs ruled which three periods in geological time?

4. How old is the Earth ?

5. How can you tell that the “rock” formed from the candle wax is the youngest?

6. Place these three epochs in order by placing a number next to them ( 1 being oldest, 4 being youngest) : Proterozoic, Cenozoic, Mesozoic, Paleozoic