english assignment 61 – writinghub.net

english assignment 61 – writinghub.net

The book:

Celce-Murcia, M. (Ed.) Teaching English As A Second or Foreign Language. Heinle & Heinle (4th edition) (2014).

Chapter 1:

  • page 12

6. Social participation: To what extent can group work, pair work, cooperative learning, and well-structured tasks enhance student participation and learning? Answer the question in one paragraph

  • Page 13


3. Demonstration (task-based, TPR, Coo, Project, Content-based, Direct Method) Write one paragraph.

Chapters 6 and 7 on LISTENING.

  • 2 salient points from Chapter 6 and from chapter 7. This can be in 1paragraph each.
  • Write 1 teaching strategy from the reading (either from chapter 6, 7) one paragraph.

Chapter 8:
Write 1 Strategy from chapter 8 that is good for teaching SPEAKING. ONE PARAGRAPH

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