Essay question. –

Essay question. –

 Consider the relationship between global collective action problems and global institutions over the period from 1950 to 2000.  Which major collective action problems have global institutions dealt with rather well, and which have they failed to deal with very well?  What explains the results you identify.  [Be sure to think about several different collective problems, and develop criteria to assess whether the collective action problems are dealt with well or not.]

The essay-question answer should around 300-350 words. And it should be well organized and well-written. You can use the idea I post below.

·  There are many reasons it is so difficult to get action on many of these issues

o  Lack of a coherent understanding of the interdependencies and the seriousness of the issue

o  Different between national and global interests

o  Mismatch between the short-term perspective of decision making and the longer time frame of the issues

o  Difficulty for democratic political systems to make economically painful decisions and the tendency to put off decisions that do not affect the immediate future

·  The main powers need to undertake more action on their own to help maintain global economic stability and sustainability while working to create more appropriate multilateral institutions 

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