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Hello, I wanted to write a research paper 5 to 7 page long for fiction class college level about ” feminism and the Barbie-Q story by sandra cisneros. You need to see how Feminism relate it to the story make connections. I gave you all the description in the uploaded file. Thank you and I want it by this Friday because my professor wants the rough draft by the time and please don’t use any outside source;also, please I want the citation for any work you will do and don’t use the same words; change the words into your own words.

More importantly, Just make sure that there are particular feminist issues thematized in the story that you analyzing for through the process of close reading. Also, please use ( events search) like quotation and page number in the papaer itself ( research paper ) becuse I actually did it and I sent an uploaded file to you but my proffesor said to revised soon becuause I didn’t include any events search . Please Revised for me and correct any mistakes along with the events seach.

Please help me I need to get a good grade and I have a hard time fighuring out events search for this research paper.

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