foundational leadership theories –

foundational leadership theories –

Assignment Content

  1. For the past 6 weeks, you have explored various leadership topics. As a doctoral practitioner, your understanding of foundational leadership theories and concepts will influence your decisions, daily interactions, and contributions to your professional community, regardless of industry, discipline, or position. This assignment will allow you to demonstrate your synthesized understanding of the leadership construct.

    Prepare a 2,100- to 2,800-word literature review of the leadership construct that includes:

    • Introduction
    • Historical leadership theories
    • Contemporary leadership theories
    • Followership
    • Ethics
    • Decision-making
    • Leadership in your discipline (i.e., a leadership topic of your choice that is substantiated in peer-reviewed literature)
    • Conclusion

    Include a minimum of 10 peer-reviewed sources. You may also reference the textbooks used in the course.

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