geography Term Paper


Term Paper

A satisfactory term paper will be at least seven (8) pages long, typed, double-spaced.  It will include: 1) a cover page; 2) an introduction in which the main topic is clearly identified and the paper outlined (thesis statement); 3) the body of the paper, comprising sections (with headings) in which different aspects of the main topic are discussed and analyzed; 4) a summary and conclusion of at least one page; 5) a bibliography containing at least five (5) references.  At least two references must be from a peer-reviewed journal.  References must be cited in your text.  Neither the cover page nor the references page(s) counts toward the CI length requirement.


In New England and parts of Europe, acid rain has killed forests and rendered many lakes sterile. What is this phenomenon, and what, if anything, can be done to stop it and restore the afflicted lakes and woodlands?