Geology Discussion Research


1.  Select one of the following questions to research the answer on the Internet.  Research sources of information on the Web can include, but not limited to, books, articles, videos, and handouts.

 –What is Walther’s Law of Succession of Facies?  Be prepared to explain how it works and why it is a critical concept for stratigaphers.  (You’ll first want to know what a facies is.)

 –What is a lithofacies map?  Compare this to a geologic map.

-What are transgressions and regresions?  How do these related to the above questions?

-What is the relationship between a straigraphic column and a facies map?

2. State the question you selected to research.

 Post a synopsis, based on the results of your research.

State the question(s) research.

Explain briefly the significance of the knowledge you learned from the research on historical geology.

*half a page*

Cite the reference source(s) of the research.