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1.  Haga, S. M., Lynne, A., Slinning, K., & Kraft, P. (2012). A qualitative study of depressive symptoms and well‐being among first‐time mothers. Scandinavian Journal Of Caring Sciences, 26(3), 458-466. doi:10.1111/j.1471-6712.2011.00950.x

2.  Rose, L., Alhusen, J., Bhandari, S., Soeken, K., Marcantonio, K., Bullock, L., & Sharps, P. (2010). Impact of intimate partner violence on pregnant women’s mental health: Mental distress and mental strength. Issues In Mental Health Nursing, 31(2), 103-111. doi:10.3109/01612840903254834

The above two articles needed to be annotated which includes

·  A summary

  • What is the topic of the source?
  • What actions did the author perform within the study and why?
  • What were the methods of the author?
  • What was the theoretical basis for the study?
  • What were the conclusions of the study?

·  An analysis

In your critique/analysis, you will want to answer some or all of the following questions (taken from the

  • Was the research question well framed and significant?
  • How well did the authors relate the research question to the existing body of knowledge?
  • Did the article make an original contribution to the existing body of knowledge?
  • Was the theoretical framework for the study adequate and appropriate?
  • Has the researcher communicated clearly and fully?
  • Was the research method appropriate?
  • Is there a better way to find answers to the research question?
  • Was the sample size sufficient?
  • Were there adequate controls for researcher bias?
  • Is the research replicable?
  • What were the limitations in this study?
  • How generalizable are the findings?
  • Are the conclusions justified by the results?
  • Did the writer take into account differing social and cultural contexts?

·  An application

  • How is this source different than others in the same field or on the same topic?
  • How does this source inform your future research?
  • Does this article fill a gap in the literature?
  • How would you be able to apply this method to your area of focus or project psychology child and adolescent development?
  • Is the article universal?

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