Health and Wellness Assessment, health and medicine homework help


Write at least a 525- to 1,050-word Health and Wellness Summary for each individual.

In your summary, include the following topics:

  • An initial assessment of the person’s health based on the profile characteristics.
  • Risk factors that this person may face.
  • At least 2 suggestions to improve their specific health and wellness.
  • 2 web resources you may send this person to consult based on your suggestions

1. Roger

•Age: 55

•Occupation: long-distance truck driver

•Lifestyle: smokes 1 pack of cigarettes a day, eats mainly fast food and processed snacks. High cholesterol. BMI = 30

•Family history: heart disease and high cholesterol

•Fitness plan: occasional walks, no regular physical activity

2. Jarrod

•Age: 25


•Lifestyle: smokes 2 packs a day and drinks alcohol every day (5+ drinks per day). Diet includes mostly fast food or frozen meals. BMI = 20

•Family history: unknown

•Fitness plan: none