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Produce an evaluative annotated bibliography that collects, summarizes, and explains four (4) relevant secondary sources related to your topic.  Each annotation will: 1) begin with a properly formatted works cited entry, 2) summarize a source, 3) explain its rhetorical context (e.g., the purpose of the article, the conversation or debate it references, its organization, the evidence it marshals in support of its argument), 4) describe what the source adds to your analysis, and 5) discuss how it fits in with your other sources. 

Annotated bibliographies will be evaluated on how relevant the sources are to each other and to the narrowed topic at hand. Each entry will be considered in terms of both the quality of the source (i.e., is it credible and authoritative? Does it relate in a useful way to the paper topic?) as well as the quality of the annotation (i.e., is the summary accurate? Does the author make clear  how this source relates to the larger project). Each entry should be comprised of 500+ words. 

i will upload my previous paper that has my topic on friendship

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