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The assignment for Discussion Board #2 is to first read the article Socioeconomic Disparities in Health: Pathways and Policies by: Nancy E. Alder and Katherine Newman. The article can be found under the Course Material Folders!! Once you have read article: 

 1. Provide a Brief Summary of what Article is discussing in your own words.  (1 paragraph) (10 points)  

 2. The authors discusses Indirect Pathways to socioeconomic inequalities; what do they mean by this? (5 points) 

3. The article discusses the relationship between SES and 5 different factors. (Environmental exposures, Social environment, Health care, Behavior/lifestyle, and Chronic stress). Choose 2 of the 5 factors and briefly discuss in your own words(5 points) 

 Extra Credit 

In one paragraph, discuss what the author’s opinions are on how policies influence health disparities in regards to socioeconomic status and what needs to be done to eliminate to health disparities gap. (10 points) 

Please DO NOT copy and paste answers directly from article. I want your responses to be written in your own words. Points will be deducted if you do so!