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history of rock n roll 1 – writinghub.net

write no less than 150 words for each question

question 1

Love or Theft?: Considering the lectures in this unit, where do you stand on the issue of musical appropriation? Is is an act of love, theft, or somewhere in between?

question 2

Radio and Race: How may have the newly-founded all-black radio formats of the late 1940s and early 1950s altered the way people of different races listen to music within a segregated society?

question 3

For this topic, select one of the musical examples presented in this unit and write one to two paragraphs discussing what you found particularly musically effective about the performance.

Your response should address some or all of the following questions (to the best of your abilities):

  • What instruments are used in this song?
  • What are some of the most clear sonic characteristics of the song? (i.e. form, timbre, singing style, vocal harmonies, unusual instruments, etc.;
  • How do these sounds relate to the genres that came before it?
  • Why is this song relevant to the lecture/unit?
  • Why did you chose this particular song? What made it stand out for you?

Include the name of the song, the performer and in which lecture the performance appears at the top of your post. Below is a sample post to give you some idea of what your post should look like:

“See That My Grave is Kept Clean” – Blind Lemon Jefferson (from “That Old Southern Sound”)

This song from the late-1920s features only Blind Lemon Jefferson singing and playing acoustic guitar. The song sounds kind of like a 12-bar blues form, but it may be slightly different (I think it is 16-bars?). BLJ seems to play around with the rhythm and tempo a bit as well (I thought this was really cool and a bit unexpected). This song sounds very different from the other blues we have heard so far; “Crazy Blues” or Jimmie Rodger’s “Blue Yodel.” CRAZY how much variety could be contained within a genre in such a short period of time! I chose to talk about this example because it makes it pretty clear that, while there was common ground between “hillbilly” recordings, urban and rural blues, there was also a lot of differences as well.

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