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homelessness mckiney vento – writinghub.net

Please submit up to a one page response for each scenario, answering the below questions: 1. How would you approach supporting this student? 2. What resources would you provide and why? 3. How you would ensure follow-up?

Scenario 1: Jasmine, a 15-year-old ninth grade student, has been identified as eligible for McKinney-Vento services over the past three school years. Her family consists of her mother (Ms. Brown) and two 10-year-old siblings (Jayla and Jaquan). Jasmine struggles in school having attendance, behavior, and academic difficulties. The family moves frequently staying primarily with friends/family, but also in hotels and shelters. It is difficult to meet with Jasmine in school, because she is often absent or suspended. When you are able to see her, she is guarded, but will request tangible resources like food for her family.

Scenario 2: Around noon, you receive a call from Ms. Green, a high school staff member, who is very concerned about a 12th grade student. The student has been asked to leave his parent’s house and does not know where he is going to sleep tonight.

Performance Task Two The McKinney-Vento program is part of the newly formed Office of Engagement Family Support Department. Part of our new role is bringing together stakeholders to support students and their families in unstable housing. Based on the needs of our community, how would you prepare and facilitate a planning meeting to support families who are experiencing housing transition? 1. What stakeholders would you invite and why? 2. Develop an outline and objectives for the meeting. 3. How would you know if the meeting was successful?

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