Human behavior in organization –

Human behavior in organization –

A, True or false

____1. The change in behaviour and the attitude towards work is the making of good managers

___2. The short-term approach in using job satisfaction data is important component in crafting solutions for change in behavior

____3. When variances reach more than 5 percent below target something is wrong somewhere when all machines and materials are in place

_____4. Lack of the benefits is the reason why there are product rejects and scraps

___5.Job Satisfaction survey should include employee’s perception of benefit program administration

___6. One who holds a rank and file position would likely have a higher job satisfaction

____7. It is easy for the management to unite the diverse interest of people as oftentimes conflicts come with its organizational goals

____8. Organization and individuals must live symbiotically in order to achieve its goals of profit and stability.

___9 Individual shapes the organization that fits its day to day activities

____10. Organizational climate is the management practices that relates to people interpersonal relations

B  ,Matching type:

_____1. Descriptive study

_____2. Union

_____3. Job satisfaction survey

_____4. refreshing stage

______5. Nature of organization climate

_____6. Work relationship

_____7. Loyalty

____8. Job performance

____9. Job satisfaction

____10. Structural Questionnaire


a, It Depends on expectation of rewards

b, management strategy

c, teamwork

d, Specific activities to perform

e, direct question

f, protects the interest of the organization

g, research component

h, trial stage on the job

i, questions with ready answers

j, avenue for grievance

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