human service ethics 4 –

human service ethics 4 –

M5 Discussion 1: Couples, Family, and Group Therapy

Human service professionals are frequently called upon to assist groups, families, and communities. The ethical issues which can arise require consideration and are the focus of this module.

For this discussion, we will examine some of these characteristics, along with the practice of supervised group counseling experience. Develop a main response in which you address the following:

  • What are some ethical standards that are unique to couples and family therapy? How do these compare to any standards that are unique to group therapy?
  • What types of personal characteristics would a therapist need to have in order to provide effective family therapy? How do these compare to characteristics needed to provide effective group therapy?
  • What sort of specialized knowledge and/or skills are necessary for couples, family, and group counselors? Of these, which do you feel are most important and why?
  • Considering what you know about couples, family, and group therapy, if you had a choice between an evidence-based practice or a practice-based evidence framework, which would you choose and why?

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