I need help with my sociology assignment – writinghub.net

I need help with my sociology assignment – writinghub.net


Topic: Environmental Disasters

What do the two disasters have in common and how are the two disasters different? Who were the stakeholders in each incident? What should have been done to prevent these disasters? What responsibilities do the companies involved with each disaster have to future stakeholders? How did the companies react to the disasters, and did they act responsibly before, during, and after each disaster?


Topic: Advertising Dreams

Does advertising create desires that people did not previously have before seeing what a company is offering, or does it tap into preexisting desires? If companies build advertising upon dreams or even create those dreams, is it unethical if it causes consumer stakeholders to pursue those dreams to their own detriment (i.e., overspending, credit card debt, hoarding, etc.)? Is advertising ethical as long as all of a company’s advertising statements are true, or is there something more to determining the ethics of advertising?

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