i need someone to edit my writing my writing skills is still progressing and i need someone help – writinghub.net

i need someone to edit my writing my writing skills is still progressing and i need someone help – writinghub.net

Please post an introductory message (250 Words) in this forum by Wednesday at 10pm . This discussion forum has two purposes: to share a few details about yourself with your classmates so that we can start to get to know each other a little better, and to share some of your ideas and experiences about writing so that we can work toward thinking about writing from a diverse and global perspective that accounts for many possible points of view.

Step 1. Mention at least three things about yourself. You might mention your hobbies, the last movie you saw, the kind of music you like, a good book you read, a food you enjoy cooking, a language you speak, your pet’s name, or any other facts you want to share. Do you have experiences with reading and writing in languages other than English? If so, can you share any ideas about how those experiences are unique to your experiences with English–or how those experiences are similar and interconnected to your experiences with English?

Step 2. Make a list of at least five different things you’ve written in the last month or so. This can include school assignments, grocery lists, diary entries, emails, letters, notes, etc. Choose one item from your list, and describe that piece of writing in a sentence or two. Explain its occasion (the situation/cause that motivated you to write it), purpose (the effect you intended the piece of writing to have), and audience (your intended reader). What was your writing process, and what did you do in your writing to try and communicate clearly with your intended audience? Was it important that other people be able to understand what you were trying to communicate, or were you writing only for yourself? Can you think of any cultural factors that influenced you as you wrote?

This is what i wrote

My name is Jasmine Bailey and I am a sophomore majoring in Speech Pathology as a career choice. My hobbies consists of relaxing, listening to music, watching rap battles (not trying to be one), studying cultures, walking in nature, and reading books. I do not have a favorite book, and sadly do not know how to cook. However, I am on the route of learning how to cook because I do not want to be taking home- double bacon cheeseburgers for dinner everyday. Despite that, my favorite food is wings and fried chicken, that how I get down !!! Just out of curiosity, if you wanted to know what cultures I study, I mainly study East African cultures like- Ethiopia, Eritrea, Somalia, South Sudan, and among others.

Not part of the subject, but wanted to let you guys know that I am hearing impaired and wear hearing aids. So if there comes a time whereas your talking to me and it seems like I am ignoring you, I am not a rude person, please wave at me or tap my shoulder so that I can be aware of you trying to get my attention. Just because I wear hearing aids does not mean I can hear everything.

Next topic- I wrote an email to my 10th high school teacher name Ms. Miller, because she was my favorite teacher and I was an awe every time I was in her class. She was a very beautiful teacher who dressed flawlessly, and had a beautiful heart that melted my soul lovingly. The occasion was that I haven’t seen her in so long and I didn’t get the chance to write how much I appreciated her being in my life.The purpose, was to write a reflection of me on the paper sharing my admiration towards her. The audience, was Ms. Miller my 10th grade teacher.

My writing process came with critical thinking, rewriting, editing, and rereading. I communicate my writing in a comprehension way to that she could understand the notion of what I thought about her. Yes, it was very important that my teacher understood what I was saying, or she would of re-appealed me to go right back to high school. Only cultural factor I thought of, was my belief in her teaching ways as being meaningful so that students can strive for the best and reach their goals determinedly.

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