in class plc collaboration –

in class plc collaboration –

Case Study

Sunny Hill Elementary Barrington

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This assignment is a simulation of a PLC, with collaboration for the main purpose. As a participant in a PLC, you will be working in small groups to work on a Case Study. Your work in this simulation parallels that of a newly formed PLC, and requires you to collaboratively produce two products: a set of group norms, and a minimum of two SMART Goals.

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Collectively identify norms within which your group will effectively work. Use the information in DuFour (p.73-74) to guide your development of norms. (Refer to pdf DuFourNormsP137-138)

Individually determine patterns and trends. Share your observations and findings with your colleagues. Identify two areas to target, and use the SMART Goal Worksheet in DuFour (p. 101) and examples (p. 94-100) to create a minimum of two SMART Goals based on the data provided to your group. (No more than three SMART Goals should be created.)

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Collaboration within a PLC

calls for members to share——–what do you do

, provide feedback, —————-what do you do

bounce ideas off of each other———-what the bast strategy can use for ELA

, respectfully challenge,————what the challenge

question and elaborate on one another’s contributions————???

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