issc498 discussion response –

issc498 discussion response –


I need two responses of at least 150 words each for the below students discussions for this week. Also in the bold below are the questions the students at answering.


1. Why is an Enterprise Security an important piece to the success of a business?

Student one:

According to Xu, (2014) enterprise security encompasses the technical and process-driven solutions that support the overall security needs of an organization, from requirement to design to implementation. Enterprise security can create important linkages between the goals and objectives of a business, and it provides appropriate measures to protect the most critical assets within an organization while accepting risk where appropriate thus, leading to the success of the business to the organization.

Implementing the enterprise security is importance to the success of the business because it helps accomplish the following

• Demonstrate due care

• Helps provide assurance of policy compliance

• Lower risks to acceptable levels

• Helps optimize allocation of scarce security resources

• Improves trust in the governance scheme

• Helps establish accountability

Moreover, one area that can have a huge impact on enterprise security is cloud computing that uses remote data center to manage access to applications. Cloud computing offers users the ability to increase capacity or add services as needed without investing in new data centers, training personnel, or even licensing new software that are useful to the success of the business.

Enterprise security is important to the success of the business, for example, businesses, including your organization competitors, are becoming acutely aware of the trend to address privacy and use privacy assurances as a differentiator for keeping and obtaining new customers in order to maintain the success of the business (Fischer, 1999).

In addition, at a time when the enterprise security function is at its eminent position, then its important to many organizations as it allows security managers to bridge the communication of the business language gap to senior management and to entirely converse their department’s paramount’s organizational importance as away of keeping the success of the business effectively.


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Student two:

Society in a whole has begun to lean heavily on technology on a day to day basis. We have broadened our everyday lifestyles from operating solely in work, school, and home environment and have extended it to the internet. The internet is used for multiple functions from schoolwork, entertainment, communication, and more importantly many businesses rely on this domain for maintaining operations. These businesses can be a variety of industries from healthcare, entertainment, financial, educational, technology, etc. With so many operations and individuals relying on the web to provide a resource, it is not hard to see why enterprise security it an important factor in the success of a business.

Businesses must have an enterprise security system in place in order to protect data and this is accomplished by identifying vulnerabilities and working to reduce the risk it presents. Though unintentional mishaps can be a risk to security, the more malicious threat of unauthorized access is the main intention to reduce risk. Breaches due to security failures can cause a decrease in productivity, from lack of risk management, could have negative effects on an organization. If in the event a business is breached and not able to present evidence that they actively tried to prevent, deter, or protect against potential risks they can be subject to hefty fines. In addition lack of proving due care and due diligence, a business will experience public embarrassment and damage to reputation.


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