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Create a mini-unit to teach a content area standard you chose for the assignment in Module 5. Create and administer a formative assessment tool to determine the learning needs of a group of students (use students from your practicum or any other small group). Base your assessment on the learning objectives you created in Module 5.

Create three lesson plans that will help the students develop and demonstrate the skills required to achieve the content area standard. Incorporate a variety of instructional strategies and implement activities that address the students’ individual learning needs. Utilize the lesson plan templates.

Create and administer a summative assessment at the end of the mini-unit, and evaluate the students’ assessments using a standards-based rubric.

Write a 500–750 words reflection that compares and contrasts assessment tools that inform continuous student learning and teacher practice. Would the mini-unit help the students to demonstrate proficiency on the content standard you chose? Why/why not? What changes would you make?

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