maintenance documentation –

maintenance documentation –

Project Objectives Checklist

  • Document the definition of scope creep
  • Describe the effects of scope creep
  • Create a baseline spreadsheet of information
  • Document the purpose of a kickoff meeting

During the maintenance phase, all issues that were identified as a change request from the User Acceptance Testing cycles or any other missing features that were never implemented are finally built into production during this phase. The maintenance phase is a long-term commitment to the future enhancements and system bug fixes for the remaining life cycle of the product or service.

Your objective is to update the Use-Case documentation with the following project maintenance phase tasks:

  1. Identify the meaning of scope creep and how scope creep affects a project. Describe a couple of topics that you can think of such as timelines and budget (just to mention a few) that would have a direct impact on a project. Scope creep is a serious issue with all project managers.
  2. Create a baseline of metrics that can be used to measure the performance of a software application. This type of information should be formatted so that it is easy to read. Organize a set of metric data that you would expect to monitor over a given duration of time. An example of performance metrics would be Date/Time stamp, bandwidth, CPU, and RAM resources. Set up a small grid of statistical information and then measure it again in a couple days while the product is running on your localhost machine or within a simulator.
  3. Describe the purpose of a project kickoff meeting and identify several meeting components that are critical to the success of the meeting. Most projects have a meeting at the beginning and the end of the project. Projects that require a project manager will have a significant value to the company. A kickoff meeting sets the tone of the project. During this meeting, each role is identified. Everyone who will contribute to the project needs to attend this meeting so they understand the chain of command and what they need to do.

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