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Thinking about the health of your family members who are in middle adulthood, which midlife health problem is of greatest concern to you? What steps can you take now to help prevent it?

Write a short paragraph about it. Then reply to these two responses


The biggest health concern to me is heart disease, both of my parents’ families have a long history of heart disease. However, since I was adopted it’s not really something that I worry about having a problem with. I suppose eating right and staying healthy is a good way to avoid heart disease, but given that Chinese people don’t generally have a history of heart disease, I’m not too worried about myself having that issue.


There is a history of gout in my family. My grandfather has it along with my dad. gout is not typically found in a lot of females, however if it was I would watch what I ate as well as eat a lot of cherries and attempt to eat healthy. It is best to stay in shape so prolong the prognosis of it as well so it wouldn’t onset so early.

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