My Ten years goals , health and medicine homework help


1.)5-10 Year Goals Paper & Presentation: You are to write a 1200-1500 word essay describing your 5-year goals. This may simply be a description of your ideal vision of your professional life 5 (to 10) years from now. You must include professional career details: Your profession & scope of practice, the setting you’re working in, the professionals you’re working with, your degree (incl. license/certificate as applicable), your annual salary, and the projected outlook for your specialization. Please use your imagination & have fun!

Outline your thoughts first so that you can simply fill in each component to construct your projected story.

For Example:

1st: Be sure to organize by: A: Introduction, B: Body, and C: Conclusion

2nd: Include all points laid out in the Rubric (See Syllabus).

Finally, use your imagination limited only by income potential vs. expenses. Include all interests, dreams, and hopes for your future.

Example: “In 5 (or 10) years I will be enjoying working as a (1.Name of Profession and describe Scope) after receiving my (2.) degree, passing tests for my (3.) license (and/or certificate, and/or board). I will work at a (4. SETTING) with these other professionals (5.). I will commute from (6). Where I’ll live in a (7. Condo/House/Mansion), owning (8. Car year/make/model, sports equipment/jewelry/shoes/boat) because I earn (9.$$$) and my job outlook is (10.). I will be (11. Happily Married/Happily Single/Happily Divorced) with (12. Kids/No Kids/Dog/Cats/Sheep/a plant). To be the best (1.) I can be, I make time & spend money for Continuing Education; a minimum of (13. required CME hours/Recertification for your profession).

My briefs Outline for 10 years goal

1. Want to be an occupational therapist.

2. I would like to work with kids with special needs

3. Setting pediatric and schools for kids with special needs

4. Get married

5. Have a family

6. Live in the suburbs/ own my own five bedrooms home

7. Travel

8. Car you can pick don’t know much about a cars and just try to live life to the fullest