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For this discussions sake, I’ve decided to define both Nature and Nurture in the terms I believe relates to this particular class. I feel in other settings these words are open to many interpretations. However, I thought rather than delving too deeply into personal ideologies, I would best articulate my argument by using their meanings in the simplest of forms.

Nature, to me, is the genetic inheritance or makeup of any living thing. My personal development has been greatly influenced by Nature through countless number of elements that make up my physical, as well as parts of my mental, being. The two biggest examples of Natures influence on my life would probably have to be, the large number of genetically inherited physical disorders I suffer from, and then similarly inherited disorders that affect me mentally. These ailments affect the way I live my life and develop as a person, yes, but I do feel that when they are given the proper amount of care and attention, they do not have the power to stunt my personal growth. My DNA is with me for life, but how I chose to handle that is my decision.
Which brings me to my definition of Nurture. I define Nurture as the environmental, both physical and social, factors that we as individuals are subject to. By this I am referring to everything you come into contact with, whatever has any effect on your personal environment (i.e. family and friends, geographic location, religious preference, ethnicity, schools attended, local media, etc.) Because of all these different factors around us that, from birth, begin to help mold and form our own thoughts, standards, beliefs, ideals, and our overall behavior in general, I believe that Nurture has the greater influence on our development. Two examples of Nurture for me personally would have to be, my very western standards and ideals as an American Citizen and my unique religious beliefs stemmed from having been raised in an Agnostic home.  
My primary argument in Nature vs. Nurture is that while Nature only has a stake in our growth as a physical being, who may have inherited things like a genetic special talent or disorder of some form, it does not determine who we will become as a person. Nurture has the power to help us improve our positive traits as well as diminish the negative. Two babies could be born with the same genetic make-up, but if they are raised in separate environments it can be guaranteed they will be different in so many more ways through how they are nurtured than nature would be able to account for. 

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