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“Only about 1 percent of the population are true psychopaths, people who ignore most of society’s social and legal mores to meet their own needs, unbound by feelings of guilt or empathy. But a larger number of people are almost-psychopaths, operating in the shades of gray between normalcy and true psychopathy. Their behavior is not extreme enough to land them in jail, but they can cause enormous harm to those around them.” (C. Gann 2012, Retrieved from

After conducting research on psychopathic lying, write a paper on ideas and concepts to counter the effects of psychopathic lying in an interrogation.

Your assignment should be a 2-3 page paper, double-spaced, with 1 inch margins. Page numbering is required. Assignment will be written according to strict APA guidelines. A cover page, abstract with key terms, the main body with conclusions and a reference page, 4 references minimum, is required but is not part of the page total. An APA style guide for referencing is available on our class site under the “Resources” tab. Grammar, spelling, typographical accuracy and good writing style will be considered in determining your grade

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