This assignment is based primarily on the three articles assigned in this unit concerning “noble cause corruption.”The Articles are as follows:Kleinig, J. (2002). Rethinking noble cause corruption. International Journal Of Police Science & Management, (4), 287. Retrieved from, D. (2006) Moving beyond the noble cause paradigm: Providing a unified theory of ethics for 21st century American policing. Retrieved from, T. J. (2011). Updating ethics training — policing privacy series: Noble cause corruption and police discretion. Police Chief, 78(3), 60. Retrieved from on what you read in those three articles, any other assigned readings, and at least 2 other peer-reviewed sources not assigned in this course, thoroughly evaluate the leadership and ethical dilemmas found in the following scenario:ScenarioColonel Pat Bacon is the newly-appointed director of the department of state police. She has only been on the job 1 week when she receives reports of questionable conduct by some of her officer employees.When she looks into the matter, she discovers a culture of noble cause corruption, including the following three major ethical lapses:1.                Planting of evidence2.                Lying in court3.                Falsifying police reports.The police officers justified their conduct by saying that they were convicting dangerous suspects.Write a memorandum from Colonel Bacon to her employees. The memo should be crafted as if it really was written from the Colonel to her employees as an internal-office memo, but the memo should also, for the sake of the Assignment and its educational value, cite sources properly in APA format. The memo from Colonel to her employees must address the following issues:1.                Define noble cause corruption.2.                Identify at least three critical points at which her officers make ethically-informed (if questionable) decisions.3.                Analyze the possible ethical breaches involved in this scenario in the context of what you learned about noble cause corruption.4.                Compare and contrast possible alternative responses to each ethical dilemma. (What is an alternative, for example, to planting evidence?)5.                Clearly set forth the Colonel’s expectations for ethically-sound conduct by her employees.


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